Winchombe Country Show




Successful Applicant for the Winchcombe Country Show (WCS) Sponsorship Scheme

The Winchcombe Country Show committee has selected Callum Lewis to receive £1000 from the WCS Sponsorship Scheme that supports local people (aged 17-21) in their further education (vocational or non-vocational).

Callum is a local lad from Winchcombe who is currently studying for a BA in Music Production at the Leeds Conservatoire of Music. Music is his passion and he asked to be considered to receive funding for an analogue synthesiser to improve the quality of his music productions and enhance the prospects of a obtaining a good grade.

Callum is an active contributor to the community. He has worked with Ben Sullivan from the Song Writing Charity, visiting various local primary schools in a song writing project. Callum has also performed at the Winchcombe Festival of Music and Arts Fair and the Winchcombe Country Show.

We wish him well in the future. The Sponsorship Scheme is a first for the show and we will be monitoring Callum's progress and providing feedback to those interested. Our hope is that the Winchcombe Country Show Committee can continue to support younger people in Winchcombe and surrounding area and that they will be able to contribute to the local community.